Come join us celebrate the anniversary of Super Mario Maker 2!

Again, Kiavik has recruited a top notch team for this annual get-together, and this will be the best level pack yet!

For months, these levels have gone through strict auditions and rigorous playtesting to ensure you will have the best experience possible.

Every level has a birthday cake for you to discover. Can you find them all?

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Content creator?

If you are a streamer, a YouTuber, a video game writer or in any other way a content creator, we have readied a Drive folder for you.

Here you will find visual elements from the project: Logos, illustrations and other goodies. These are free to use for thumbnails, video overlays and other purposes. New elements will be released every week, so if you bookmark the folder you’ll have access to these as soon as they are made available.

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Stay up to date!

If you want to be notified when a new release drops, subscribe to our YouTube channel, where we will post a video showcasing all new levels every week!

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