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Escape the Mad Lad's Lab
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Puzzle Themed

Rumors of twisted experiments and questionable research grow in the Mushroom Kingdom. Whispers of a machine capable of creating mechanized, weaponized Koopa Troopas reach your ears. Strange noises and flashes of light rise from Dr. B. Boom's peculiar manor. You are sent to investigate. Find this wicked machine, learn its secrets, and utilize it for your escape. Will you outwit Dr. B. Boom and find the true ending, or will you become part of his master plan?

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Grakowsky is 35 years old, married, and has two young boys. When he is not working, making obstacle courses for his boys, or designing scavenger hunts for his wife, he creates Mario Maker puzzles. He has also been slowly developing a 2D top-down puzzle game over the past four years.